Example for webhook data

Setup Maileon

In your Maileon account create under "Settings - Webhooks" a webhook and configure some data to be sent, like shown in the screenshot.
Then click on the link: "Trigger test event with current configuration"

Last recorded call

Hint: only calls with JSON-body will be recorded!

    "user_locale": "de",
    "event_type": "FIRST_LOGIN",
    "newsletteraccountname": "Payback CMS",
    "newsletteraccountid": 1000000182,
    "customeraccountname": "Payback CMS",
    "distributoraccountname": "Test-VP",
    "logged_user": "andrea.stanojevic@gkk.de",
    "last_name": "Stanojevic",
    "customeraccountid": 1000000072,
    "first_name": "Andrea",
    "timeofoccurrence": "2022.06.28 11:42:12",
    "distributoraccountid": 2